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Las Bestias. Hace algunos ayeres.

Paul Robertson

Se puede vivir en cada pieza de Paul Robertson. Pixel Divine

I had the privilege of creating the art for Annimal Machine’s fist LP (  ”This place where the dead speak with the living”
Available for download @
It was god damn spiring and fun.

Listen how the dead speak with the livng

: D Our beautiful Leonor. with @MirianaMoro

Project for Jazha

Motion graphics by

Art Direction by yours truly.

Leonor in the womb.
Totally inspired on Sakiroo Choi style and colors, be sure to check his work It has some anatomy and proportion issues, but i love it anyway.
Mi love

Diplomado Animación 2D Profesional


WePow 2025, taking recruitment to new heights


quick digital sketches
Ilustración personal “pal face”.  A personal illustration for my fb profile.


Tuve el honor de ser invitado a crear el arte para este magnífico festival, diseños 3d hechos por el talentoso Daniel ‘Tron’ Ruiz y pues agradecer a Manuel Amezquita y Lab3 por hacer esto posible.

I had the honor to create the art for this amazing festival, 3d designs are a collab with the talented Daniel ‘Tron’ Ruiz, thanks lab3, Manuel Amezquita and all the people who made this happen.